A.  Deadlift, build to a heavy 5-rep w/perfect form



5 min AMRAP, teams of 2:


-1k row *must switch every 250m

then, in time remaining:

-3 C2B/pullup (males to C2B, females to regular pullup)

-3 kb swing 70/55

-6 C2B/pullup

-6 kb swing

-9, 9, 12, 12, etc…


*rest 3 min, x3 sets


**one athlete per team works at a time.  Score is total reps completed after 1k row buy-in from each round.  Each athlete must complete reps (for example:  after row, athlete 1 does 3 C2B, then athlete 2 does 3 C2B.  Athlete 1 does 3 kb swing, athlete 2 does 3 kb swing.  Athlete 1 does 6 C2B, Athlete 2 does 6 C2B.  Both athletes must complete all reps in current round before work can be done at next rep scheme.  An athlete may stop work on his/her round and allow the other athlete to work, but the two may not move on until both athletes have completed all of his/her reps.