A.  Build to a working heavy back squat (around 90-95% 1RM)


Fitness WOD:


Teams of 2-3, 20 min cap:

-40 wall ball 20/14

-30 pushups

-30 back squats 115/75

-20 pushups

-20 front squats 115/75

-5 wall walks


Performance WOD:


Teams of 2, 20 min cap:

-30 back squats 135/95

-30 pushups

-20 front squat 135/95

-20 ring dips

-10 OHS 135/95

-10 HSPU


*teammates must complete all reps in rep scheme in order (team cannot move on to pushups until BOTH have completed 30 back squats, and so on).  Work is only counted while other teammate is holding static bottom position of previous movement (for pushups, teammate must be in bottom of back squat; for OHS, teammate must be in bottom of ring dip position;  for HSPU, teammate must be in bottom of OHS).  The only exception to that is the pushup—it is instead held at the top position (FLR plank).