17.5 Friday Night Lights and B4B Announcement


Hey all!

March 24th marks the final testing day of the 2017 Open! Let’s all get together, throw down on 17.5, enjoy each other’s company, and have a great time!

This event is two fold: We will also be celebrating the fact that CFD has won Barbells for Boobs and are the State Champs of Iowa for the second year in a row! I will be handing out shirts to the athletes who raised money for the cause and giving congratulations for making a difference!

If anyone would like to contribute with some pot-luck style food, please post it on the website so we know what to expect!

Come on out and let’s have a great time–see you all there!

People who will be receiving their State Champ shirts (please be present so we can congratulate you as a community!):

Austin Weitz
Jamese Saunders
Calais Baker
Sarah and Andy Accacian
Katie Kieffer
Tammi Saunders
Holly Wellman
Nicole Freiburger
Lynney Courtney
Theresa Hughes
Angie Pfaff
Kathy Hoerner