19.2 Scoring Update


It has recently been brought to my attention that there was a slight inconsistency with the scoring, and upon correcting that error, Rubber is now at a 3 point lead over Turf, 74-71!!!

Here’s what happened…

For 19.1, there wasn’t enough people on teams who did the workout scaled to make a top 3 scaled category. However, for the Rx categories, people who weren’t a part of either team got bumped from the top 3 so as to award the most points to the teams.


I failed to remove people who weren’t on either team from 19.2’s scoring considerations, which kept two people, both from Team Rubber, from making top 3. In order to rectify the error and stay consistent with scoring, I have fixed the leaderboard. Check out the updated leaderboard here and make sure I didn’t make any other errors!

As always, I do my best to stay as transparent as possible and appreciate when someone brings an error to the attention of the coaching staff. I’m running this leaderboard solo, so please don’t hesitate to reach directly to me in the future if you notice a problem or error I may have made. Thank you all for your understanding, patience, and – most of all – participation in this event. Everyone’s involvement and excitement have far exceeded my expectations already, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the next 3 weeks play out!

-Coach Phil