20.3 In the Books!


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*EDIT: 0012 29OCT

Best Dressed

Brent (Team Rubber) took the cake with Best Dressed, earning his team an additional 3 points!
*Please let me know if I missed anyone’s attendance, check-in, or costume!


Turf occupied 9 of the 12 podium spots this week!!! Great work!

Prediction Points

Team Rubber’s prediction was a 25 min AMRAP of:

  • 5 HSPU
  • 10 C2B
  • 15 box jumps
  • 25ft OH walking lunge

Since they predicted HSPU, they earned one point; otherwise, the # movements, time domain, and rep ranges all missed the mark

Team Turf’s prediction was a 13 min cap (For Time) of:

  • 55 DL
  • 55 wall ball
  • 55 cal row
  • 55 HSPU

Turf’s successful prediction of both deadlifts and handstand pushups earned them 2 points; otherwise, all other opportunities for points were missed.

We’re Just Getting Started!

With only two weeks to go, the gap between the teams is very tight – it’s definitely anyone’s game! Also, Attendance and Check-Ins are worth more starting next week (3 and 2, respectively), the Podium Points double, and the Prediction Points are increased as well, so opportunities to earn points continue to get weighted heavier towards the end.

20.4 Scoring

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