20.4 In the Books!


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*updated 1950 on 04NOV


Rubber occupied 7 of the 12 available podium spots resulting in a 14-10 point advantage.

Prediction Points

Team Turf is the only team to score any points by correctly guessing 3 movements in the workout, earning them 5 points

One more week!

Team Rubber’s lead can be almost entirely attributed to attendance. Turf’s best week for attendance was the very first week, where they outscored Rubber by 5 points! Ever since, Rubber kicked it into high gear and showed up consistently every week, which has resulted in a substantial point lead going into 20.5. It would take some serious effort on Turf’s part to close the gap and go for a win, but there are a lot of points left on the table every week with Check-Ins!

20.5 After Party!!!

Don’t forget to attend the 20.5 After-Party on November 8th!

20.5 Scoring

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