2019 CFD Opens Throwdown


We’re off! The first workout has been announced and all day long we are going to be knocking it out and scoring points for our teams. A lot of the specifics on how this is going to work hasn’t really been clearly explained yet, so I’m going to take the time here to give you an idea of how this will work for the next 5 weeks. Everything planned is intended to incentivize involvement and make this season as fun and inclusive as we possibly can!

First of all, the primary means of scoring points for your team is simply showing up and doing the workout. You can be first or last and you’ll still earn 1 point per person who attended classes and did the workout. However, what will inevitably edge out the opposition is going to be a lot of this other stuff we have in store for you that we will slowly leak to you as the weeks progress.

For week 1, the following things will comprise all of the possible points each team can earn:

  • 1 point per person for attending the workout
  • 1 point each for top 3 RX males
  • 1 point each for top 3 RX females
  • 1 point each for top 3 scaled males
  • 1 point each for top 3 scaled females
  • 3 points for the individual showing the most Spirit of the Opens*
  • 5 points for the overall team for Spirit of the Opens

*Spirit of the Opens is based on the coaches’ subjective judgement and involves having a positive attitude, team spirit, and being motivating and inspiring to others. Team A may be awarded the Spirit of the Opens as a team (5 pts), but an individual on the other team may win the Spirit of the Opens as an individual (3 pts).

Aside from participating today, here what each team needs to (if you haven’t already):

  1. Create a medium of communication so that you are all able to effectively coordinate and strategize with one another. This might be a private FB group or whatever you guys decide. More on this in a bit…
  2. Elect a team leader to represent your team. This person will be responsible for passing along official information from your team to me.
  3. What official information, you ask? Well, starting in week 2, the Spirit awards go away (until later) and we will instead be awarding points for the teams who come closest to guessing the correct workouts.

19.2 Prediction Points:

  • 3 points if a team guessed the correct # of movements
  • 1 point per each correct movement guessed per team
    • ie: If a team guessed pull-ups and deadlifts and only deadlifts were in the workout, they are awarded 1 point. If both pull-ups and deadlifts are in the workout, they are awarded 2 points.
    • A team can’t enter more movements than they guessed would be in the workout.
  • For guessing the correct time domain, the team will be awarded 3 points!
    • An option for the correct time domain may be ‘For time.’ 
    • Another viable option may also be ‘Increasing’ for those workouts we have seen in the past that have granted athletes the ability to ‘buy’ more time by completing work within a smaller time window.

The points will be slightly increasing as the weeks go on to give a team a chance to come back from behind as well as introducing other ways to earn points for your team. Also, you may have noticed that those of you in a relationship are not on the same team as your partner. There is good reason for that, trust me 😉

That’s all for now – after the scores are all in for the day I will be tallying up points and posting my work to ensure that everyone who participated earned credit for their team. Stay tuned for that and we’ll see you all soon!

-Coach Phil

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