Starting April 6th, I’ll be removing the WOD page from the website and utilizing the WODhopper system exclusively for publishing and tracking our workouts.  This is to add a degree of exclusivity to your CFD membership, and also allows me to better track our workouts and data points to offer a better, more catered program design to our population.  Log in using your email and check it out!  There are a lot of cool features there, and you’re able to log your own workouts, benchmarks, track PR’s, and much more!  Let’s hash out any issues we may have with logging in this week so we can be smooth sailing from here out!


A.  behind-neck strict press, front rack strict press (3.2)

*no moving your hands!

x5 sets


For time:

-1k row

-800m run

-500m row

-400m run