A.  Deadlift, build to heavy 3-rep TnG with perfect form


Teams of 2 or 3:

7 min cap:

-40 kb swing 55/35

-40 T2B/K2E

-40 abmat situps

-40 box jumps or steps 24/20


*rest 2 min, x2

**athletes may sub out however they like and divide up work.  One athlete works at a time and all work must be completed at one station before work can begin on another.  After the time cap is up, an additional 2 minutes of rest will be taken prior to the next round; if the team finishes early, they have additional rest.





A.  same


Teams of 2

7 min cap:

-40 DB power snatch 55/35

-40 T2B

-40 GHD situp

-40 box jump 30/24


*rest 2 min, x2

**same rules apply as to the Fitness event.