A Note from Coach Tammi


To my CFD family,

Hello all, I hope this finds you safe and healthy. I wanted to take a moment to share some news with you. As many of you know, I have been contemplating a move for quite some time and I am finally making that a reality. I am headed to sunny Phoenix at the beginning of the new year. I shared my plans with Phil and Mike, and they have been incredibly supportive.

As I type this, I struggle for the words to adequately convey what I am feeling. I can’t describe what you all mean to me, what CFD means to me, and how truly invested I am in this place and its members. I’d be lying if I said this was an easy decision. Leaving the place where I found my purpose, where I learned so much about myself, where I transformed literally every aspect of my life, is incredibly difficult. It’s like leaving home for the first time. On one hand I am over-the-fkn-moon excited to start a new adventure, go pursue my next chapter, do hard shit, and to get uncomfortable doing something scary and hard. But on the other hand, I will miss all of you incredibly. This place has been “my place” for so long. It seems surreal to even type this.

Coaching at its foundation is about building relationships and investing in others. I genuinely care about all of you and I want you to succeed. And that, my friends, will never change. I am ridiculously passionate about helping people transform themselves and I have an opportunity to go do that in a much warmer climate.

Leaving means forcing myself to step outside MY comfort zone and taking a risk. It means showing up for myself, and growing and stretching in scary news ways—all the things I try to instill in each of you. The universe has conspired and gifted me an opportunity. The time is right, I simply must take it.

It will be strange to not be here to listen to Brent’s dad jokes, or to hear Dustin try and  lawyer his way out of something, to have Charlie attempt to somehow negotiate the workout, to see Zak and Julie chalk it up, to have Chase take a sh*t  break before and during the warmup, to see how much Vance’s mobility improves, hear Hodge ask where his tooth is, to watch Tata and Sukhmeet use nothing but change plates to build to a heavy 1RM, to see Marcus lose his shit when class members use the chalk bucket in the private programming area, or to hear Coach Mike tell me that he used my max back squat for his opening set of curls. So many incredible memories I am taking with me. You. This place. This community has left an indelible imprint on my heart, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to share this chapter with you.

So…. please know that until then, I’ll be coaching as much as I possibly can. I will still be busting your balls for shitty reps, aggressively encouraging you to do hard shit, and soaking in all the love and memories I can❤️

Thank you CFD for just shy of 8 years, and to Phil and Mike for being incredible mentors and friends. This will always be home, and we will always be family.

-Coach Tam Tam