A Note On Punctuality


Hey everyone,

I wanted to post a quick note out to everyone now that we’re in the new year and talk a little bit about punctuality and how that relates to what we do at CFD.

As we continue to grow in numbers, classes get bigger. This is the inevitable conclusion to success. With attendance elevated, punctuality becomes much more tantamount.

From a coaching standpoint, especially with the larger classes, we count on our RSVP list. Knowing exactly how many people are in our class determines, not only how the room will flow, but how much time will be spent on each component. When a coach counts out 16 in class with a no show on the RSVP list, only to have that last member come in five minutes late, it really messes with our game plan.

On that same note, when you are late to the warm up, you’re not getting the proper attention your body needs pre workout. Potentially, this puts you at a higher risk for injury. These are things we want to avoid, certainly. As coaches, we do structure our warm ups so that everyone in class is prepared for the work load ahead.

All of our members pay a premium price for what we offer. Tooting our own horn, I think that what we offer is the best around and worth it! That said, if the coach has to stop what they are doing and deal with someone’s tardiness, it takes away from everyone else’s session. The culture we have developed at CFD is one of caring and genuine concern for ALL of our athletes. We want to be able to take time for every one of you.

If you know you’re one of those that is perpetually 5 or so minutes late for class, please add a little more time to get here. This is a show of respect for not only your fellow athletes, but the coach as well. All of our time deserves to be respected. Once in a while we get it – life happens and you’re late. Not a big deal! It’s the constant lack of punctuality that fuels the frustration.

We have a wonderful thing here that all of you have helped build. In the scheme of things this is also small potatoes. Changing just a little though can have a tremendous impact on classes moving forward. Thank you again for allowing us to do what we love daily. Let’s all work on this together!

–Coach Mike