Accessory Programs and Results


Foundational Strength 1 Results

(Most of) The results are in! I’m excited to show what we’ve been able to accomplish over only 7 weeks of training.

At the end of Foundational Strength 1, our athletes improved by an average of:

Back squat: 11.6%

Bench Press: 6.8%

Deadlift 7.1%

Front squat: 8.5%

Shoulder Press: 5.5%

Push Press: 4.5%

Weighted pull-up: 36.4%

AMRAP UB strict pull-up: 31.4%

Does anyone else see something interesting about these numbers? UB pull gymnastics absolute strength AND capacity improved by the most dramatic amount after doing an absolute strength cycle!

What are the implications from this information? Well, in short, the data supports exactly what I’ve known for years – the biggest deficiency in most athletes is absolute strength, and by improving those metrics, capacity for other movements (that don’t directly involve a barbell placed on the body) also improve.

Congrats to those of you who participated and made it all the way through the program!

If you are interested in signing up for an upcoming supplementary program, here’s what is just around the corner:

Foundational Strength 2

That’s right, the next step in this absolute strength program is starting on January 7th. The goals here are similar to FS1, but requires a bit more of a time commitment each week due to the fact that this is a 4x/week program. The layout will be significantly different than FS1, but the duration and cost remain the same: $45 for the entire 9-week program (only $5/week!).

Completion of FS1 is not required to begin FS2, but FS2 does require a higher training age to complete due to the fact that there is more variety in movement selection as well as a higher overall training volume.

**If you’re interested in signing up, e-mail me and I’ll put you on the list**

Cardio Club 1

In this 9*-week program, our goal here is to practice sustainability and aerobic capacity over longer time durations. This program kicks off with a single row mechanics and introductory session for all people signed up for the program. There will be a handful of time slots to choose from between the 2nd and 5th of January. Then, the program truly begins on the 7th and is 3x/week until the end.

Cost is $45 for the entire program (still only $5/week after your small-group CC1 session!) and the culminating event is a 1/2 marathon row. This is a perfect opportunity to scratch that cardio itch during the winter months when running outside is a less-viable option!

**If you’re interested in signing up for CC1, e-mail me and I’ll put you on the list**


Some of the most frequently-asked questions regarding these programs revolve around the community theme. The aspect of CFD that a majority of members value the most is the group setting, and a lot of people fear that these supplementary programs take them out of that element. Here are some suggestions and some things to consider when choosing a program:

  • Both programs still support some class attendance – it’s really more about your individual resilience and recovery protocol!
  • Doing either of these supplementary programs with a friend or in a small group to hold each other accountable mitigates a lot of the ‘loss of community’ feeling.
  • These programs give us a chance to do a more linear program design that I wouldn’t be able to get away with doing in a class setting. These programs are extremely effective!
  • All supplementary programs are finite – that is, there is a definitive end-date that you can always look to. Having a test/re-test on your horizon is encouraged at all times! (Hence the goals board…more on that later)
  • Plus…you’re not gone! We see you over there grinding away at your eight sets of heavy triple back squats! 🙂

Whatever you decide, the coaching staff at CFD is here to support you towards your goals. My intent is simply to offer choices and give everyone the opportunity to vary their routines and pursue more individualized goals in a cost-effective way. When in doubt, reach out! (Hey, that rhymes…)

Goals Board

Last but not least, I want to touch on the topic of the Goals Board briefly. As I mentioned above, having a goal on your horizon is vital to hold yourself accountable and have a quantifiable destination (even if that destination simply leads to other destinations, but such is the nature of short- and long-term goals!).

Whether you are doing a supplementary program or not, I encourage you all to re-assess what goals are important to you and then add your goal to the list on the board. Let’s move into 2019 with a purpose! Remember to establish a SMART goal: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-based.

If you need help defining a goal, we are happy to help!

That’s all for now, have a great holiday and we hope to see you at the 7-year party!

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