At long last, CFD got a facelift!  We hope you enjoy the new website as well as our updated branding, logos, and upcoming apparel we are excited to have available very soon!
I’ve been delaying posting blogs and announcements simply because I’ve been so excited for the new website.  With that said, here are some announcements to take note of I have been waiting to fill you all in about:


With the Summer drawing to an end and it already feeling like Fall out there, I want to thank you all for giving us such a great 1st part of 2016!  Training has been fantastic, attendance has been up, membership is at an all-time high, the bar continues to be pushed on coaching quality and competence, and it’s just been a fun, fulfilling year so far!  A special thanks goes to the Kuhl family for being such amazing hosts for our CFD Summer Party we had a few weeks back.  It’s always great to be able to enjoy the community we’ve built together here in Dubuque, and we couldn’t have had better hosts for our party.

We will only be hosting a 9:30am class during Labor Day—don’t worry, it’s a fun team workout!

Not only is the website completely updated, but we will be releasing some new apparel very shortly.  New bumper stickers as well as vinyl shield stickers are available now (come on in and grab one to update your stuff!), and customized wrist wraps are on the way.  A new shirt design is in the works and will be available for purchase shortly, and with Fall just around the corner, hoodies are next on the list.

Welcome Jordan Fullan as our newest coach to the team!  She has been shadowing for a handful of months, attending coaching meetings and developing her skills to the point of taking over the Wednesday evening classes (5:30 and 6:30pm).  Jordan has been a great asset to our team and will continue to live by our standard we have created here.  Welcome aboard!

I am also undergoing a bit of a project in one corner of the facility.  The intent is to have it serve as a designated area for personal training and individual program design clients so as to not be stepping on each other’s toes while training, as well as act as a warmup area during event competitions.  Bear with me as we make these changes going forward!

Last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank Eric Peters for being responsible for the creation and design of the website as well as his re-branding ideas.  His vision and talent enabled me to bring CFD up to speed and give it the new, professional, polished look we deserve.  If it wasn’t for him, none of this would have been possible.  Thank you for reinventing the brand and re-inspiring me and my entire community to represent what we have all built here together with pride!

I think that about wraps it up for announcements—stay tuned for more to come!

RLTW <1>

—Coach Phil