August Update


With kids going back to school and unseasonably cooler weather, it seems like fall has arrived a bit early this year. We had a perfect day on Saturday for our Summer Party – thanks to all who came out and spent time with us! It’s always great to catch up with everyone outside of the gym.

There’s a handful of things coming up that I want to inform you all about, so in the order that they are occurring, here’s what is happening over the next couple of months:

The Brooke

Some of you may have noticed the fliers up at the gym recently or recalled a post I put up earlier about Illinois State Police Trooper Brooke Jones-Story. She was killed in the line of duty on March 28th of this year, and her friends and family put together a memorial workout and fundraiser in her honor to be performed on September 2nd (Labor Day) in Stockton, IL.

Many of our CFD family will be making the drive out to support this great cause, but we also understand that many of you may not be able to, which is why we are hosting an opportunity to support it here at CFD as well.

For more details about Brooke’s story and the event in general, please follow the link to the Facebook page. We thank you all in advance and hope to have a great turnout, both in Stockton as well as here in Dubuque!

2020 CrossFit Open

Wait, what? Why is Phil posting about the 2020 Open, didn’t we LITERALLY just get done with the 2019 Games? Yup… they are totally re-structuring how the process works, and the 2020 Open starts on October 10th of this year – just a handful of weeks away!

This article does a pretty good job of highlighting all of the changes

Regardless, we will implement the testers on Fridays and build the rest of the week around it, same as we always have. Since this Open had admittedly snuck up on me, it’s still to be determined as to how we will run it this fall. Shoot me an email if you have an opinion!

That’s all for now, see you soon!

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