CFD Foundational Strength


I’m excited to launch something I have been cooking up for a while—the CFD Foundational Strength 1 Program! Here’s some information about it:

Generally speaking, everyone can benefit from getting stronger

At the risk of being redundant, I have blogged and lectured ad nauseam about the importance of strength training. From:

  • having a strength base to prevent injury in sports (and life in general)
  • strength training being the second-most important factor that contributes to body composition goals (the most important factor being one’s food profile)
  • the importance of skeletal loading as we age to encourage maintenance of bone density and to prevent common health issues like osteoporosis

…everyone, regardless of your current fitness level or your profession, should load their bodies every week and be generally strong. Trust me, life’s easier this way!

It’s for virtually all skill levels

Whether you are new to a fitness program or experienced, this program is appropriate for you. How? This program can be used as a stand-alone program design that is 3 days/week (M, W, F, with a optional active recovery day on Saturday), OR it can be used to supplement the existing CFD group program design we already offer 6 days/week. In short, this works by either (1) executing the program as it is written and by itself, or (2) simply replacing ‘strength components’ with the Foundational Strength Program written for that day, and then continue on with whatever CF style workout is written for the day once you are finished (or treat the day as two separate AM/PM session, etc.).

The interface will be the best yet

In the past, we have implemented Strength Gain challenges and the like through private Facebook groups. As a result of some obvious limitations from using that platform for an unintended use, we have recently started using a dedicated program that allows us to form teams, access all of the information from a great ap right from your phone, and have everyone receive more personalized care with the templated program design. With TrainHeroic’s interface, I am confident we can deliver a great product right to your phone for an incredibly reasonable price. It’s a massive improvement from the way we used to do things!

The cost will be very affordable and have huge value

The CFD Foundational Strength 1 program will run for 9 weeks (1 test week, two 3-week linear progressions with a de-load between them, and another final test week). The cost for the entire program will be $45—only $5 per week.

This is only the beginning…

This program will run from October 15 – December 15. Additional programs I’m working on that will be implemented after the 1st of the year include:

-CFD Foundational Strength 2 (4x/week, continuing on from FS1)
-CFD Cardio Club 1 and 2 in Jan 2019
-CFD Gymnastics Club in Spring of 2019

To sign up, click the following link and create an athlete profile to join the team! I will see who is registered before the program kicks off next Monday, the 15th, and bill accordingly.

**Click here to sign up for CFD Foundational Strength 1**

If there are any questions, reach out via email ( and I will get you squared away!


—Coach Phil