CFD Home Workout Strategy


UPDATE: It has just come to my attention that the mandate has come from Governor Reynolds that all gyms must shut down at noon TODAY. With that said, the aforementioned equipment checkout will take place TODAY from 2-5 pm. Here’s a link to the mandate:

Good morning everyone, I hope this blog finds you all well. After continued monitoring of our developing situation and discussion with the coaching staff, we are going to make some fairly drastic changes and do absolutely everything we can to continue to provide value to each and every one of you.

ALL GROUP CLASSES ARE CANCELLED EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. However, we are going to offer what we think is the best solution we can in an effort to allow you all to continue training under our guidance as best we can.

Please note that this is not the result of our members failing to adhere to our improved sanitation standards or any other fault of our coaches or community. You have all been incredibly understanding and supportive during this time!

Some of you have home gyms, but a vast majority of you do not. For those of you with home gyms, we will continue to post workouts and offer a virtual scoreboard so that you can all participate from home. We can even offer a Facebook group to ask questions, post videos if needed, and be as present as we can – virtually – during this time.

Many of you do not have home gyms or any equipment at home, so we have collectively decided that we can offer a rotating check-out system for equipment. The first check-out will occur TODAY (TUESDAY) FROM 2-5 PM.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Each member (or couple) will have the option of checking out 1) a barbell and plates/clips as needed, 2) a set of DBs, 3) one kettlebell, OR 4) a set of rings (if needed). This will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis.

With a vast majority of our members now equipped with at least SOME equipment, we can then offer FOUR program designs (aside from the regular class workout we will maintain for those of you with equipment adequate enough to continue following it) that allows everyone to follow a week’s worth of program design per equipment selection. Every Saturday, we will re-initiate the drop-off/pick-up process, and everyone can rotate through each set of equipment.

The barbell program allows us to load the skeleton to a greater extent

The dumbbell program allows us to benefit from moderately weighted movements that move independently from one another. We can get creative with tempo work to make one set of DB weights work for most every movement that might come up.

The kettlebell program allows for single-arm/single-leg work as well as capitalizes on the sling system during training.

The rings will allow those of you following a bodyweight program to still do upper body pulling, which is always difficult to implement without any equipment.

With this approach, we can easily withstand four weeks of social distancing by offering a rotating program design that can be done at home. This strategy can be re-implemented for as long as we need it to run until it is responsible to restart group classes. As always, we fully expect a need for questions, advice, and remote coaching, and I want to make every effort to ensure that you all have access to us as needed.

As always, questions and feedback are appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly if there’s anything more I can offer. I will see many of you this Saturday for our first equipment pickup!