CFD Operations Plan


Good afternoon, everyone! I put this guide together to serve as a comprehensive overview of all things you need to know as we head back to classes on Monday, May 18th. Reminder: any equipment currently checked out for home use must be returned NLT COB Friday, May 15th!

General Facility Use:

  • Don’t come if you aren’t feeling well.
  • Only enter building 5 min prior to class – the coach will check you in and guide you through the entire process.
  • While not mandatory, all members are encouraged to wear a mask.
    • All coaches will wear a mask while coaching
  • Temporarily Discontinued Services:
    • Lockers – keep gear to a minimum!
    • Refrigerator/Microwave/Water dispenser
    • Showers/Changing clothes
    • Community Chalk Buckets
    • iPad Check-in (the coach will do this for you)
    • Drop-ins
    • Family/Friends/Kids: basically any +1 is temporarily not allowed.

RSVPing to Classes:

  • RSVPing to classes is mandatory, no exceptions.
  • If your schedule restricts you from being flexible with class attendance, please RSVP as soon as you’re able (RSVPs are available 7 days out).
  • If your schedule allows you to be flexible with class attendance, please give others the first couple of days to sign up for what may be their only time slot.
    • If we can forecast overages in class limits, we will do our best to accommodate rather than cut people who are stuck on the waitlist!
  • Please un-RSVP as soon as possible if you find out you are unable to attend.

Individual Program Design (IPD) Gym Usage:

  • During classes (to include the 30-min windows before and after classes to disinfect/sanitize), IPD clients are limited to the two (2) slots available on WODhopper during that respective class time. You MUST RSVP in order to work out during these high-volume times!
  • Any other period of the day outside of classes, the building will have a capacity limit of no more than eight (8) people working out at a time.
    • Weather permitting, equipment may be taken outside as well – individuals working out EXCLUSIVELY outside would not count against our capacity limits.
  • IPD members are responsible for disinfecting their equipment before and after use.
    • Important note: our sanitation and disinfection SOPs are extremely thorough, redundant, and adhere to best practices recommended by the EPA and CDC. We have established these redundancies to ensure no single failure could result in an individual being exposed to a contaminated surface or piece of equipment. 

Last but not least, please inform us ASAP if you have attended class within the last 2 weeks and test positive for COVID-19. This will allow us to initiate our RESPONSE plan.

I hope this guide is helpful – please let me know if I missed anything along the way and if anyone has any questions! We look forward to resuming classes with you all very soon and thank you all for your continued support as well as your patience as we navigate this temporary situation. With your help, cooperation, and compliance, we can provide the services we do best while ensuring the safety and health of the community. 

Attached below for the sake of transparency is our Operations Plan released earlier this week as well as our Coach Duties Checklist.

Stay safe, and Stay the Course <1>