CFD Summer Announcements


It feels like summer out there!  Here are some announcements of things happening in the next couple months:


There will be no 6:30pm class on Tuesday the 21st of June.  Don’t worry, the class isn’t going away, but there’s a staff shortage that day and we have a large Foundations group that needs to be coached at that time.  Please plan your workout accordingly that day!


Saturday, June 25th is Run4Troops!  If anyone is available to help the CFD team out by picking up/dropping off runners that day, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please reach out to me via email ( if you’re willing to lend a hand!


Monday, July 4th, we will be closed in celebration of Independence Day. Have a safe and fun 4th!


Saturday, July 9th is CF Galena’s row fundraiser—if anyone would like more information please click the link or email me directly and I can send you in the right direction!


Saturday, July 16th is Shaun Strong 2.0.  I have made a page here for you all to check out more information about this, but please save this date and do what you can to support!


Saturday, July 30th is our CFD summer party, hosted at the Kuhl residence!  More information will be released soon, but save the date…it’s going to be a fun day!


There you have it—mark your calendars and I look forward to these next few months of events, training, and being around our great community we’ve built here together.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please bring it to my attention!


RLTW <1>

—Coach Phil