Cubbies and Spring Cleaning Announcement!


The cubbies have arrived and they look great!

Just a heads up to everyone on storage policies and cubby usage at CFD:

  • Please start utilizing the new cubbies that we have had built for you all!  Let’s start making a group effort to not have bags lying on the floor in the common area; change your shoes, clothes, etc. and then put your stuff in a cubby.  Bags, shoes, etc. are NOT to be left laying around on the floor!
  • The cubbies are not there for your long-term storage needs.  Please take all of your gear with you when you leave (as I’ve suggested before, get a gym bag!).  If you are interested in renting a cubby space and having a locker door installed, we can talk…but otherwise we are not a storage facility!
  • There will be a short amnesty period with which you may all collect your gear you may have been leaving at CFD, but after this weekend’s classes are over (15APR), all gear left over will be donated or tossed!
  • I will be removing all of the old, smaller cubbies and am planning on getting a few more benches in the front area so as to provide adequate seating for more people to change shoes, etc. between classes.

Let’s all do our part to make changes for the better and keep our facility as tidy as we reasonably can.  I get it–it’s a gym…but that doesn’t give us an excuse to leave gear unattended, leave equipment out or put back in the wrong places, and be generally cluttery in the common areas and bathrooms.  Leave things as good or better than the way you found it!

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation, and I will see you all soon!

–Coach Phil