end of week 1/20/12


It’s been a big week here at CrossFit Dubuque! Lot’s of PRs (personal records), some new skill work, some frustrations with skill work and some great times on wods. We’re very proud of everyone’s achievements and will to continue to program challenging workouts that will lead to more PR’s across the board. Our wish is that all of our athletes recognize the gains they make in everything: strength, speed, agility, flexibility, confidence. CrossFit works to increase performance in these categories and many more. Sometimes the gains are small, sometimes they are huge. Be happy with both. Little improvements over time make us better human beings for the rest of time.

This weekend we have the pleasure of helping some future US Marines prepare for the rigors and mental stresses of basic training. Anyone that would like to come out and watch is more than welcome.  We’re going to use some very different modalities than our normal workouts entail. Everything will be designed to test the intestinal fortitude of these young recruits.

We will also have a booth out at the Dubuque Sport and Recreation Festival this Saturday from 9am to 3pm at the Grand River Center in the exhibit hall on the main floor. Feel free to stop out, ask questions and learn a little about what we do at CrossFit Dubuque. However we will NOT be hosting an Intro to CrossFit class at 10:30am Saturday morning. We love seeing new faces and welcoming everyone into the community that is CrossFit!

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!