Your Goals Don’t Define You


What matters more, having huge goals and high aspirations, or possessing a willingness to work hard and put in your best effort?

In my book, hard work beats high expectations.  However high you aim with your goals is irrelevant if you fail to be honest with yourself about whether or not you’re willing to do the work it takes to get there.

Your goals don’t define you; actions speak louder than words.  You are defined by your actions.

Wanna know the secret to success and happiness that applies both in and out of the gym? You have to stop focusing so much on the summit, and you have to start enjoying the climb.

We tend to glamorize what it’s going to be like when we ‘reach our goals’ as if that marks the end of us needing to work for something.

Guess what? The only end to the struggles and problems in life is death. Life is full of problems, and most problems are a good thing to have.  Progress is solving problems to only encounter better problems for which we can get through.

Problems are opportunities for us to overcome and show progress—they are the signal for growth!

They are what make us BETTER, STRONGER, and SMARTER.

In order to have what it takes to get to those goals we all care so much about, you have to learn to enjoy the journey and respect the process.

The successful business owner got to where they are because they found purpose in long hours, hard work, and making tough decisions.

The genius is brilliant not solely because of some pre-disposition to be intelligent, but from a relentless need to understand the world, learn new information, and expand one’s knowledge.

The athlete is an athlete because they spend countless hours at the gym training their body and pushing their limits (not simply going through the motions), and carefully planning and measuring out their meals each and every day.

Life is constantly presenting you with choices, and you have nobody to blame but yourself if you make choices that don’t line up with what you say your goals are.

I’m not suggesting that having goals isn’t important, but what is even MORE important, in my opinion, is asking yourself ‘how hard am I willing to work for this?’

Get comfortable with the reality that anything worth having requires hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice.

Stay The Course.

RLTW <1>

—Coach Phil