Gymnastics program update


Hey CFD, I just wanted to update you all about our gymnastics program we offer here at CFD.


As many of you may know, John Haines is our gymnastics specialist here at CFD.  His credentials and ability really speak for itself, and you are more than welcome to check out his bio, even if for no other reason than to see a picture of him doing something that looks really hard!


To the handful of you who have been wondering about clinics and why we haven’t had any in a while, let me explain:  Put simply, attendance to the gymnastics clinics was very low—many times between 0 and 1 member would show up.  That is reason enough to discontinue the program, but we had many people who would benefit from doing regular gymnastics work, so rather than kill the idea, we brainstormed and decided to evolve it:  we instead implemented a progressive gymnastics program to do after workouts or as an entirely independent session so as to get that extra volume in that many of you may have wanted but we weren’t able to implement regularly due to our 1-hour time constraints of being in a class setting.


If you’re an unlimited CFD member, it’s already available to you!  All you have to do is request access to the private page here and get started!  I will advise, however, that because it is a progressive program, it would be in your best interest to start at the very beginning.  John regularly posts demonstration videos and weekly workout blocks to do every week for the last 24 weeks, so jumping right into the mix at this point will probably be very difficult and confusing!


John would like me to add that a lot of the holds for time, numbers, and rep schemes can be modified depending on the athletes’ fitness level.  The intent of the program is to be a progressive plan that has built on itself over time, however a lot of people may find they’re getting buried. If this is the case, simply scale back the amount of reps or time, but try to keep it as challenging as possible yet still manageable. 


We may eventually entertain the idea of hosting some small-group sessions with Coach John a couple days a month for him to be able to personally work with those of you on the program, answer questions, and give some insight on the direction and intent of the program in the weeks and months to come.  However, this would be very dependent on attendance, and not supporting the service will inevitably cause it to be removed from the schedule, so if you support an idea, make sure you show up!


As always, I’m open to suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to bring things to my attention if you have a question, concern, or an idea to make CFD even more valuable!


—Coach Phil