Meal Replacement Shakes


Ah, the Meal Replacement Shake. Do a quick Google search and see how many products you can find out there. They number in the hundreds, if not thousands. The supplement industry can be hugely profitable and is mostly unregulated in the US. I wonder why that is—since we are a society who is so obsessed with finding the fastest ways to get what we want? But I digress….

You want to know the problem I have with meal replacement shakes? It’s straightforward and pretty obvious: there is no such adequate replacement for a meal that is not a meal. It’s really that simple. Not only are people being fooled into thinking that the shake could replace the meal, but there are even claims out there that it’s BETTER than the meal.

It is less-than-ideal.

It is cheating you of what you COULD be having.

Your body gave you a bill for $100, and you just left $60 on the table and said ‘Keep the change!’

For years people are always asking about what shakes they should buy, what supplements they should take, and how they could spend their money on something that will help them meet their goals. 99% of the population need to direct those efforts and funds to their local grocery store and get familiar with doing some meal prepping, because there is NO substitute for having a good food profile.



You can find the time.

It actually saves you time (and money) to prep large quantities of meals ahead of time, I promise.

It doesn’t take too long to eat food.


If you think you can out-supplement your shitty diet, you are going to be in for a disappointing fitness journey!

Stay the Course

—Coach Phil

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