MU Challenge in January!


For anyone who’s been struggling to get a consistent Muscle Up or would just simply like to get their very first one, Coach John will be offering a new 8 week MU challenge! The challenge focuses on shoulder flexibility and strength building as well as kipping and swinging techniques all in a progressive manner that builds over an 8 week period. Janelle volunteered to be John’s guinea pig with this new programming and she achieved her very first MU on week 7!

John plans to come up to Dubuque on January 7th to demo and go over everything that will come up over the 8 week period to make sure everyone knows how the movements should be done and what to expect, but will also have video demonstrations available for those who can’t make it on the 7th. In addition there will be a separate Facebook group specifically for the challenge where participants can upload videos and get feedback or ask general questions. John also plans to come up to Dubuque towards the end of the challenge as well to help give that extra boost.

The programming is meant to be done in conjunction with regular workouts and can usually be done in around 15-30 minutes (depending on your pace) 3 times a week. The cost is $50 per person total for the entire 8 week challenge and has a minimum requirement of 5 strict pull-ups.

This challenge should line up perfectly for those who want to get that extra MU work in before the Open and would be a ton of fun to get a bunch of people to do together! If you would like to participate in the challenge please let Phil know and email John at