New Product Line!


I’m excited to announce, as I’m sure many of you have already noticed, that we are stocking some new and exciting products here at CFD for you.  Let me take a moment to give you the run-down on what all is offered, because I get lots of questions about things all the time.


The newest product line I’m most excited about is the Dietetic Advantage line, for two reasons:


First, it is a really good, quality product line.  You all know me enough by now to know that I have no problem speaking my mind about things I don’t agree with or support, and I won’t stock a product if I think it’s not quality.  The people behind Dietetic Advantage are experts and put together a great product that, in my opinion, is the most appropriate product for a vast majority of the athletes I see every day.   For meal supplementation (I don’t like the word ‘replacement,’ because you shouldn’t be replacing meals with shakes!) or a healthy post-workout carb/protein recovery shake, this product is going to be the best choice to support longevity, health, and performance.  As a matter of fact, because of the changes in my personal goals and pursuits as an athlete, I will be switching over to this product myself (MI:6).


The second reason I’m excited to support this product line is because it is a local company!  As a small business owner, it means a lot to me to keep the money in the Dubuque area.


For more information on the specifics of their two products, check out their website:


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The PurePharma line is another great product line of Omega 3’s, Vitamin D, ZMA, and their new pre-probiotic and Vitamin C supplement.  This new product is definitely exciting, as there hasn’t been many good probiotic supplementations on the market until this came out that I’ve found, and having healthy gut flora is very important, especially if your food intake has a high demand and you’re on a lot of supplementation as a performance-level athlete.  I’ve blogged about the other products before, and more information can be found on their website


The SFH line is another product line I’ve been stocking for some time now, and they have really good quality products as well.  I offer a couple different kinds of protein supplementation that don’t have carbs in it, and I like to use this to add protein to things (like if I need to increase my protein amount in a post-workout shake) or if I’m adding a scoop of protein to something like greek yogurt or blended in a coffee (which is delicious, by the way!)  In a nutshell: high quality proteins, no carbs.  They also offer a pre-workout blend (PUSH) that is excellent and very clean, just like all their other products.  More information:


First Endurance has a product many of you have seen for a while now called Ultragen.  It’s a dextrose and whey protein 3:1 post-workout blend.  Ultragen is a great choice for hard-charger Performance athletes who need multiple workouts in a day regularly.  I would NOT recommend this product to individuals with body composition issues, as it’s too high-glycemic index for individuals who are not processing sugars appropriately.  Tame that insulin spike with Whey-only or something more heath oriented like the Dietetic Advantage MI:6.


I offer a few more products as well, to include Balanced Hydration for electrolyte demands (and frankly, to change up the taste of water once in a while!), Fast Fuel as an alternative pre-workout that I like but, admittedly, isn’t as clean as SFH’s PUSH, and….last but not least….where would I be without Fit-Aid?


Hopefully that breakdown gives you an idea of what everything is for and gives you some places to navigate to in order to do some further reading on the products.  I’m not a dietician, nor do I claim to be.  I am a coach and an athlete who enjoys leading from the front whenever possible.  Everybody is different and everyone has different needs.  Keep in mind:  I didn’t get into this line of work to push supplements, and I won’t stock or sell anything that I think is garbage.  If you have further questions and can’t find the answers by visiting the appropriate websites I provided, please let me know!


RLTW <1>


—Coach Phil