November Spotlight – Theresa!


If you’d like to follow along for Theresa’s final stretch as she reaches her competition date, she has created a Facebook group to share updates with you all. Click here to request access!

What is your favorite gym music?
80’s rock, however I’ll take anything that isn’t that noise Mike sometimes plays and calls music! 

What did you do for fitness prior to joining CFD?
I’ve never been into fitness. I’ve always struggled with my weight in adulthood. At one point I weighed 186 pounds!! About 7 years ago my friend started a boot camp so I joined. She then started a CrossFit gym so I joined that and never looked back!

What changes have you seen in yourself since you started?
Here’s a long answer, sorry! So since the beginning, I’ve noticed an improvement in strength and stamina. However, I never was happy with the way I looked. I wanted to look like I went to a gym!! I would tell myself that my weight was ok because it “was muscle”. I wasn’t fooling anyone. A year ago I decided I needed to make some changes. I as going to be 50 in a year! I was lacking the motivation to come to the gym and my eating wasn’t great. I sat my husband down and told him I wanted to compete in a bikini fitness competition in a year. I’ve never even been to a competition before! I just knew I needed a goal, so I picked a good one! My husband is so supportive and said that if it’s what I wanted he would support me. So I went to coach Mike and just told him what I wanted to do. I thought he was going to laugh at me but he didn’t blink an eye! He said let’s do it! That was the beginning of this journey. There have been times I doubted myself. No matter what I got up and got in my workouts! We tried different eating plans until I finally found one that worked for me. I’ve been very dedicated to following my meal plan, which hasn’t been easy! The plus is that I don’t really have a social life that would hold me back. So about April I started to see results. By July it was falling into place weight-wise. I had a difficult time seeing changes but others were noticing. The last month I’ve seen the change!! I’m down 20 pounds in a year. I’m only 5’ so that’s a lot! I now can do pull-ups! Just today I held a handstand!! I’m really nervous about my comp but I’m going in holding my head high because I see how far I’ve come.

What do you like most about CrossFit?
The people. There have been days that I don’t want to come in. I feel like if I miss then I would be letting down my gym buddies. They push me to keep going!

Have you ever chalked up to do something that didn’t require chalk?
Of course. Doesn’t everyone need chalk??

What are your goals going forward?
I want to stay at a good weight and look tone. I don’t need to be the strongest person in the gym. I’m vain I guess!!

What advice do you have for someone just starting out at CFD?
Just do it. These people standing beside you are not judging you they are truly supportive. Don’t try to beat anyone but yourself, that’s hard! Keep coming. If your struggling with anything just reach out to one of the amazing coaches!!

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