Nutrition meeting this Thursday @ 6:30pm


Quick reminder about the Nutrition Meeting coming up this Thursday at 6:30 pm. It’s on WODhopper, so if you’re interested, RSVP!

For those that are attending, you have a little homework. First, if you haven’t already, I would like you to download My Fitness Pal on your phone and immediately begin tracking all of your food. This will give me a better idea on where your intake is now vs where it needs to be. Additionally it will help you begin to see where your macros are.

This leads me to the second piece of homework, learning macros. I’m going to give you a simple breakdown here and some examples. There is no need to go too in-depth on this. All I really want is for you to understand where foods fall in that balance.

When we say macros, we are talking about macro nutrients – protein, carbohydrates and fats. You need all three. Down the road we will address what they do in your body, but for now, I want you to understand what foods fit into which categories.

– beef, chicken, fish, turkey, shellfish, eggs. (are you getting the commonality? MEAT!!!)

– rice, bread, pasta, fruits, vegetables, beans, grains

– nuts, butter, oils, seeds, cheeses (mostly) avocados

For Thursday, I would like everyone to be familiar with these terms. That will save some time by not playing the “How ‘Bout This? Where Does This Fit?” game. It looks like we’re going to have a great turn out and I’m very excited to kick off this series. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Coach Mike