Post-Open blog


What a great 2014 season it’s been at CFD!  I’m so proud of how far we have come as a community within the last year.  Dubuque is still very young in the sport of CrossFit, yet we have started clawing our way up that leaderboard and making our mark.  I’m excited to see what another full year of training and education might bring, which leads me to my next point:


Training for the 2015 CrossFit Open starts NOW.  I think it’s safe to say that some lessons were learned these last 5 weeks—weaknesses some may have avoided were certainly put under the microscope at one point in time or another and exposed.  A lot of frustration was expressed this last month, and it’s all part of getting better!  Embrace your struggles and your failures, as they are necessary in order to improve.  Where are you in your training, and do you want to take things to the next level?  Have that conversation with me if those goals are something you’re willing to dedicate more of your time and effort toward.


Please know that I always have CFD’s best interest in mind—whether it be your safety, your health, or optimizing your performance, I will do what I think is truly best for you.  If something doesn’t make sense or you feel as if you’re not moving towards your goals, it is your responsibility to talk to me!  Let’s strengthen that coach/athlete relationship; communication is key!  I, and all of the CFD coaches, are regularly faced with judgement calls we need to make for our athletes regarding movement modifications, program design, exercise selection, weights, reps….the list goes on.  How I guide you based on my education and experience is what I believe is best for you, and it’s because I GIVE A SHIT, not because I’m trying to take anything away from you.  Why would I not want my athletes at CFD to be the best they can be so they can represent me and my facility to the best of their potential?  How would that benefit me to stifle my own athlete’s progress?


I’m very excited to move forward after this season and spend more time with such a quality community.  I’ll be starting up some new private programming clients which I am very excited about, and will continue to re-assess and develop existing clients.  I plan on having some great direction with our group Fitness and Performance classes, and I will be taking data points on everyone’s numbers and getting some good numbers on what direction we need to move, as well as implementing more services (another Strength Gain Challenge, as well as some competitions).  There’s a lot going on at CFD and I couldn’t be more proud to do everything in my means to keep forging onward and continuing to be the best in the area.


Don’t forget, April 5th is our In-House Festivus Team competition!  This is a 1-day, 3-event mad-hatter scaled competition; more details will be posted on the Facebook page and here at CFD.


RLTW <1>

–Coach Phil