Powerful Vs Enduring


Powerful Vs Enduring


In the last handful of weeks, we brought some run/row progressions to an end and then tested a variety of row distances, from 500m all the way out to 5k.  I wanted to tie all the loose ends together and give you guys something more concrete to do with that data (those of you who collected data for all of those tests).


The following article is exceptional and has a really quantitative way of measuring the ‘essence’ of an athlete, as well as providing some generalities that tend to ring true with each ‘type’ of athlete.  The author is an incredibly knowledgable strength and conditioning coach that I’ve learned a lot from simply reading what he has put out.


Check out the article here, and let me know your thoughts!


A huge thanks goes out to Evan from High Performance Athlete for the article!


Keep up the great work, CFD!

RLTW <1>

–Coach Phil