Pre-Open Blog


It’s that time of the year again—the 2015 Open is just weeks away!  You could probably tell by the types of workouts we’re doing these last few weeks what we’re gearing up towards:  high cycle rate, light to moderate weights, and lots of volume in relatively short time domains.  Only a few more weeks left to prepare, and then it’s game time!


Plenty of changes have been made to the regions as well as the new scaled division (as well as a teens division, ages 14-17).  I’m going to be honest with you all about this:  throwing our region in with the Central East region just made everything a LOT more competitive.  The way I see it, we have 2 options approaching the 2015 season:


1.  We can get really stressed out about it, grind training to a halt so that everyone has 2 shots at every Open workout.  Tension will be high, and there will be ample frustration and disappointment for everyone.


(I’m not a fan of option 1….!)


or, 2.  We can remember why we began training in the sport to begin with, we can have fun with it, keep it light, hit every workout once and be done with it, and still have a life for the 5 weeks of the Open.


I’m a much bigger fan of option 2!


With that said, let’s approach these workouts with an open mind and a willingness to give 100% and leave it all on the floor.  Let’s have fun with it, trust our training, cheer each other on, and enjoy the amazing community of athletes that work every day to our left and right.


With the Open workouts being announced on Thursday evening, every Friday’s WOD will be the Open workout associated with that week.  We will also allow a group to come in Saturday morning to test the workouts as well during class.  THOSE WILL BE YOUR ONE AND ONLY SHOTS TO DO THE WORKOUTS…no re-tests.  That way, we can still stay on track with our program and have a life outside of the box!


PS….the Friday evening heats, from 6:30pm on, will be the testers only (scaled and Rx) and will run back-to-back until everyone has had a heat.  I strongly encourage you all to come out, even just to spectate, and you’re certainly welcome to bring snacks and/or some (adult) beverages as well!  Let’s have a great time during this 2015 season!


RLTW <1>


—Coach Phil