Quick Updates


Happy Friday everyone! I have a few thoughts to share with you all and some great questions that have come up this week for Bring-A-Friend Fridays I’d like to address:

What if I want to bring a friend, but they can’t come to the class time I normally attend?

This has already been asked a few times and is a great question I didn’t immediately foresee. I think the best workaround for this would be to leverage the great community we have built together and see who would be willing to cover down for you! If you’re an early bird but your friend wants to come to an afternoon class, find out who you know who usually comes to that later class time and see if that person would be willing to ‘host’ your friend for you. I’m willing to bet that solution will work for most of these instances and it would also be a great testament to the tight-knit community we have here at CFD.

Can I bring more than one friend?


What do you need from us prior to class?

Not much – just give us a heads-up (e-mail me or RSVP your friend on WODhopper) and we will waive you in prior to class starting. Fast and simple!

We’ve already had a lot of people attending today which has been fantastic – keep them coming! Here’s the list of links to each (BAFF) Bring-A-Friend Friday event we are hosting this month:

May 10 – Bring-A-Friend Friday
May 17 – Bring-A-Friend Friday
May 24 – Bring-A-Friend Friday
May 31 – Bring-A-Friend Friday

Goals Board

It’s that time of the year to re-establish your goals. Feel free to update the newly wiped Goals Board with your S.M.A.R.T. goal:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Based

Remember, it’s best to establish many ‘micro-goals’ along a logical progression towards a larger, ‘macro-goal’ and to be mindful about how those goals build upon one another. If you can’t yet do a pull-up but your goal is to do a muscle-up, it might be a better idea to instead establish some waypoints along the way and use those as your goals (this is related to the ‘Attainable’ attribute).

If you need help establishing what those goals should look like, please reach out – that’s what we’re here for!

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