RSVP troubles?


Happy Sunday everyone! I have just received more specific information regarding RSVP troubles some of you may have been experiencing. It appears that there are some coding issues on the website which is preventing the WODhopper widget from loading when the ‘RSVP’ button is clicked on. I’m not sure how that link became broken (and my 300-level Web Design course has not adequately prepared me to troubleshoot this issue myself – trust me, I tried!), but for the time being it is not working.


WODhopper is not having any problems and the link to RSVP still works:

For those of you who have added the widget link as an icon on your homescreen, you’re likely not experiencing any problems since that link is still functional (I just RSVP’d and then un-RSVP’d myself to the 5:15am class tomorrow to test it from my phone with no problems). However, if you are always navigating to the website or using your desktop to RSVP, you’re likely in the subset of the population who is experiencing problems. Go ahead and click the link above (and then save yourself the hassle and add it to your phone’s homescreen as an icon – it is far more convenient!).

If anyone is unable to RSVP with the above link, please let me know via email at

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We are working at resolving this issue as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience 🙂