Krissy Medina

I started Crossfit in December 2011. I had never even heard of such a thing until I read about it in an article in the Dubuque 365. I was immediately intrigued.  Over a few phone calls and emails I was able to schedule Foundations. I remember being so scared and intimidated. I had no sports background before Crossfit. The most physical thing I had ever done was join the military. And even that was just doing the bare minimum to pass everything. I was an 18 year smoker before Crossfit. I ate what I believed to be a somewhat healthy diet, but it was more like eating very little and still eating very processed foods. I thought if I lost a little weight I would be the ideal “magazine skinny.”

I may not be that “magazine skinny” that I imagined, but I’m so much stronger than I ever imagined I could be. And that alone is a huge accomplishment. Every day I struggle with how I think I should look and how I really look, but every day I come to Crossfit I become more confident with how I look. Because I know I’m getting stronger and pushing myself more than most of the population. At times I may still struggle with my diet but what’s important to me is that I’m trying and no longer just accepting. I have such a long journey ahead of me that wouldn’t be as long and as great had I not started Crossfit.

I sometimes can’t believe the things I’ve accomplished, the ways I’ve pushed myself that I’ve never considered a possibility. Last year I ran a 5K, this year I’ve run a Tough Mudder and have plans to run another 5K this summer. I’ve been in 3 competitions now. I did not excel at any of these events, but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to participate in those events. And more importantly I’m proud of myself for having finished those events. Before Crossfit I would not have even imagined participating in such events, let alone wanting to do more.

Besides the physical boundaries I’ve pushed, I’ve also pushed myself emotionally and psychologically. I have overcome so many things and made some rather important decisions in the years since I started Crossfit. I truly don’t believe I would have been able to handle these life altering decisions had I not been in Crossfit. Crossfit has made me both physically stronger and mentally stronger.

I can’t explain how excited I am when I hit a PR. I’m a strong woman and Crossfit has helped me embrace that! I still have days where I hurt, but I have many more days that I’m proud of the work I put in. I can’t stress enough how I never imagined doing something of this nature, but how proud I am to be a part of the Crossfit Dubuque Family.

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