Mark Sullivan

I decided to give CrossFit a try after a few years of regular weight training. I worked with a good personal trainer at the Dubuque YMCA for a couple of months. He set up a five day a week lifting program which I did faithfully. It helped me to build some size but I lost what little flexibility I had. I got into a rut and stopped making progress. I didn’t vary the workouts enough and did very little cardio work. I started to pack on some pounds and my blood pressure got too high. I knew that I needed to make some changes but was not sure what to do.
My daughter was back in town visiting last summer. She is friends with Dustin and Hillary, who have both achieved great results from CFD. She told me about CFD, which I had never heard about before. I went to the free intro class on a Saturday morning. I was intimidated but signed up for the foundations course anyway and I started last September. I was still intimidated, but I really enjoyed the chance to work out with such high quality trainers. I liked working out with a great group of new friends and also the good-natured competition with many of the workouts.
After a few months of three sessions per week I was able to work up to five or six times per week. I also started following the Paleo diet which my wife has also embraced. She has been very supportive of my CrossFit efforts. The constantly changing and demanding workouts along with the dietary changes have resulted in some real improvements. I have lost some weight and reduced my waist size. My blood pressure has come down and my cholesterol numbers have improved substantially. I am in the best shape that I have ever been in although I still have along way to go to catch up with many CFD regulars. There are many CrossFit lifts and exercises that frustrate and humiliate me.
I still get to the YMCA to play racquetball and spend a little time in the weight room. Many of the people I used to see regularly there have noticed the changes and ask what I am doing. I always tell them more than they probably want to know about CrossFit and encourage them to try the intro class some Saturday. It seems that many people have heard or seen something about CrossFit, but too many people think that it would be too difficult for them. I think that is unfortunate because most people can do CrossFit at some level. It allows each athlete to progress at his or her own pace. All of the workouts are scaled and the trainers are very careful about preventing injury.

All CrossFit boxes are not equal. We are lucky to have the dedicated trainers that we have at CFD. They are great at what they do and their goal is to help us get better each day. The CFD members are a diverse group of hard working people who also know how to have fun. If you are interested in improving your health and fitness and are willing to work hard, come join us.

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