The 2016 CrossFit Open Season is almost here!


The 2016 CrossFit Open Season is almost here!


With 16.1 right around the corner, now is as good a time as any to make some announcements on how I intend to run things for the 5 weeks of competition that are almost upon us.


Having gone through a few seasons of competitions and learned some valuable lessons, here’s what I intend to offer you all as the season approaches:


For those of you who aren’t interested in competing in the Open this year, don’t worry—you’re not going to have to sacrifice 5 whole weeks of valuable training!  Rather than have to endure a ‘forced’ off-day from your training on Thursday (the day before the workout would be announced), you’ll still get a quality workout programmed for the day.  For the sake of the Opens, the ‘Fitness’ program will go on without much of a hitch; the Performance group will have Thursdays during the Opens committed to either taking it completely off or doing some aerobic row intervals and mobility work to prepare for the following test day.  We will have something for all of you!


The Friday workout will be the Open tester announced the evening before and will be scaled accordingly based on movements and ability.  All classes will be run as normal, with the exception of the 5:30pm class.  During that time, we will be hosting a Friday Night Lights event at 5:30pm until completion during the 5 weeks of the Open.  For FNL, rather than it being a 100% guided class time, it is instead designed to be a more spectator-oriented event where we simply run heats with judges until all athletes have tested.  Following completion of all heats, we will welcome any and all to hang out and socialize in a fun BYOBeverage/snacks environment.  All are welcome, even to simply spectate and cheer on our athletes!


The Saturday class will go on as scheduled at 9am, and 10am will be THE ONLY OTHER opportunity to test the workout due for that week.  However, we strongly encourage everyone to test on Friday rather than Saturday if at all possible.  This will go on for the entire duration of the Open (5 weeks, starting Feb 22nd).


I truly think this is the best of both worlds here and I’m excited to announce this to you all.  We coaches at CFD are confident that no matter where you lie on the diverse spectrum of athlete, you’re being offered what is truly best for YOU.  Let’s have fun with the Open workouts this year!  Give it you all, leave everything on the table, and then walk away knowing that you did your best.  If you have any further questions or concerns about the plans moving forward, please let me know if you’d like to talk to me about this (or any other matters at CFD)!


Let’s make the 2016 Open season both our best performance as well as the most enjoyable to date!


RLTW <1>


—Coach Phil