Tammi Saunders


CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Certification Course

BS of Criminal Justice

Meet Tammi

Tammi comes to us from inside the walls of CFD. She started her love affair with fitness as an athlete in 2013 after a long hiatus. Her journey came full circle in the fall of 2018 when she merged her love of Crossfit with her desire to help others by attending the CF-L1 Trainer Course. Soon after she was shadowing other coaches, gaining knowledge and confidence, and is now coaching her own classes.

Whether Tammi is in her position as full-time Life Coach for the school district, working out alongside fellow athletes, or “aggressively encouraging” members of her classes, one thing is certain: she inspires people to embrace their fitness journey. She has never forgotten what it’s like to be new, unsure, and apprehensive and she has a knack for making people feel welcome and at ease.

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