Upcoming Events and Announcements


Hey everyone!

We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming for you all within the next weeks and months, so I thought I’d put together a blog to try to organize them all for you in one stop. Here it goes in no particular order of importance:

The 2017 CF Open

We just got through all 5 weeks of the 2017 CrossFit Open testers! The week following the Opens was filled with opportunities to build to some heavies and was overall a week of lower volume than what we’ve been accustomed to. To those of you who didn’t PR much last week, don’t beat yourself up—I wasn’t expecting anyone to! My priorities through the Open had a huge focus on aerobic interval work with plenty of volume, fast movement turnover, and high intensity. The little bits of strength touches was just an attempt at preservation of existing strength, NOT to build your strength. So, if you had a killer week full of PR’s, you are the exception rather than the expectation!

Moving forward, we are doing plenty of tempo work throughout the month of April in an effort to reinforce more perfect positions in our absolute strength movements. This is really just getting back to mastering basics here. Also, we will be working on some much shorter aerobic interval work and will start focusing on engine work from the ground up. Once May hits, we will be continuing our aerobic progressions while implementing a simplified undulating absolute strength cycle. We’ll follow that up with another opportunity to build to some heavies to see how well it all paid off!


Speaking of the Open, we have one individual whose season is NOT over that we are extremely proud of: Streat Hoerner! This will be his second trip to Regionals and I couldn’t be more excited to see how far he goes this year. Stay tuned on his progress…we will all be cheering for you, Streat!

Run4Troops fundraiser

A date you should all have marked in your calendars for a fun and worthy cause is April 21st, when we participate in the Hero workout Whitten in support of Micheal Fullan’s Dubuque Dancing With the Stars campaign to benefit Run4Troops! The FB event page can be found here, the doors open at 5pm, festivities start at 5:30, and the workout begins at 6! I hope to see you all there!

(The 4pm and 5:30pm classes will both be cancelled that day so as to accommodate for the event—I apologize for any inconvenience!)

The 2017 Classic

This year, Dan Johnson of Spine and Sport will be hosting his second community-building team competition here in Dubuque, The 2017 Classic! Last year was an absolute blast: It was a great opportunity to have fun, compete without taking things too seriously, meet new people, and celebrate our amazing community. The date of the event is May 20th, so get signed up today!

(the 9am class as well as the 10am ROMWOD class will both be cancelled so as to accommodate for the event—I apologize for any inconvenience!)


That about wraps it up for now—I hope you found this information helpful and exciting, as I know I’m excited to bring on the Spring and Summer months here at CFD with our great community we have built together.

See you all soon!

—Coach Phil

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