Cardio Club

Start Dates:

Cardio Club 1 starts Monday, January 7th 2019

**non-mandatory row technique/prep clinics scheduled the week prior on the 2nd and 4th**

Available for: Members and non-members

The CFD Cardio Club is put in place to scratch that itch many cardio-lovers get during the winter months of Iowa. The goal is simple: build that sustainable, aerobic engine. It’s written as a 3x/week program that can be standalone, or AM/PM alongside group classes. Due to the longer nature of many of the workouts, it’s unlikely that the program will work well immediately after an existing CrossFit class.

The culminating event of Cardio Club 1 is a half-marathon row for time.

The culminating event of Cardio Club 2 is…you guessed it…a FULL marathon row!

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