On-Ramp & Foundations

Program Details

Cost: $350 for 3 months.

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Available for: Everyone

On-Ramp is the initial sign-up period (3-months) of new members beginning their journey here at CFD. Completion of Foundations Camp is required by all athletes before entering group classes. On-Ramp includes the following:

  • Foundations Camp
  • Individualized food profile assessment and consultation
  • Individualized movement screening with corrective coaching
  • 3 months of group class membership

Foundations Camp is your 2-3 hour long initial appointment with a coach and the beginning of your CFD journey. It is a chance for us to have some quality time with new athletes who are interested in starting their journey as a new CrossFitter and get them prepared, both physically and mentally, for the challenges that await them.

During Foundations Camp, we progress movements from their simplest components (ie: squatting, pushing, and pulling with your bodyweight only) and then eventually build on those concepts to more complex/dynamic movements. The goal at the end of Foundations is to establish some awareness around proper movement and sound motor patterns, NOT to have mastered all movement in such a short period of time (that takes YEARS!). From here, you are integrated into your first group classes where we continue to improve and refine your movement, keep you safe, challenge you in a reasonable yet fulfilling way, and watch your continued improvement and progress as an athlete.

Scheduling issues or questions can be directed to We look forward to working with new athletes from increasingly diverse backgrounds and building upon our already incredible community!

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