What to expect?

Each of our sessions are 100% guided and coached. Our classes are structured in smaller groups so that everyone is able to receive some individual attention.

We will always begin with a dynamic warm up. The warmup is tailored specifically to the workout that day – each day’s intent requires an appropriate means of preparation. By the end of the warmup, our clients typically have an elevated core temperature and maybe even a light sweat, and they are structurally prepared to do the specific movements we will be performing that day.

From there, the class flow depends very much on what the program design calls for on that day. Some days we spend a majority – if not all – of the class working on strength or skill-based movements. Sometimes we have an aerobic intent, be it single- or mixed-modality movements, long, steady-state aerobic work, or interval-based work. Some days we work on anaerobic work (think sprints, or shorter, more intense work). Or, it may be any combination of movements and energy systems.

Regardless of what the program design calls for on that day, it is a piece of a much larger program that is intended to elicit an adaptation over time. Be prepared to put forth effort, ask questions, and simply try your best. Our coaches are very capable of scaling movements to suit the needs of the individual, so come in with an open mind. Wear what you’re comfortable wearing, bring a bottle of water, and be ready to make friends and start the process of becoming an even better version of yourself!