What to expect?

Each of our sessions are 100% guided and coached. Our classes are structured in smaller groups so that everyone is able to receive some individual attention. At times, we may bring in other trainers to help coach so as to not overlook anyone.

We will always begin with a dynamic warm up. This will usually consist of a few movements that ensure that the entire body is ready for the session. At this point, you should feel an elevated core temperature and maybe have a light sweat.

Next we work on skill moves. These include a variety of motions such as Olympic lifting, body awareness movements, or any number of others that fit into our programming. Coaching plays a big part in this section. Many of the movements we teach will be outside of the average skill set. Part of our goal is to broaden your base, constantly introducing new and different moves.

At this point we begin coaching the workout of the day (WOD). Often, the WOD will incorporate elements from the sessions’ skill work. After adjusting the WOD to each individual’s skill and fitness level, any last minute questions are answered. Then, it’s 3 2 1 GO! And we’re off!!