Why CrossFit Dubuque?

The more popular CrossFit becomes, the more often this questions comes up. A good answer requires a bit of an explanation, because from an outsider’s perspective, not many people know what real differences lie between gyms, and even between different CrossFit facilities, but it can be the difference between a great experience or a terrible one.

Frankly, in my personal opinion, the process is too easy to bear the title ‘CrossFit.’  Anyone with a free weekend and $1000 who has a pulse can pass the written test and bear the title of a CrossFit Level 1 trainer.  I sincerely hope that something can be done from higher up to begin to remedy this situation, but until that happens, we are suffering from an increasingly worsening case of brand dilution.

Has this phenomenon affected my business?  Yes, but very minimally in my existing member base.  It has affected CFD most directly with the average person coming in off the street who assumes all CrossFit gyms are essentially the same, and I can completely understand why that assumption is commonly made.  Why wouldn’t you?  If you buy a Nike shoe in Washington State, it had better be the same quality and sizing as the one you bought in Florida, because they’re both Nike, right?  CrossFit doesn’t work that way.  Because they are all independently owned and operated, you can find two places bearing the title of CrossFit with very different competence levels in regards to coaching.

CrossFit Dubuque is the Dubuque area’s first CrossFit facility, and offers a premiere service with an exceptional coaching staff.  Our combined experience is versatile and second to none in the area.  Ranging from multiple sports to special operations military backgrounds, CFD is the best-suited group in the area to improve the fitness level of anyone walking through our doors.  The needs of the elite-level athlete and the deconditioned grandparent differ only by degree, not by kind, and we are very capable of getting anyone on a path to achieve a higher level of fitness and wellness regardless of the individual’s current state.

All I ask of anyone interested in trying CrossFit is this:  whether you are in the Dubuque area or not, shop around and see what is offered at each place.  Dropping in to a couple of different facilities is strongly encouraged—you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test ride.  We offer a great service and have an amazing community of existing athletes who are all incredibly welcoming.  I won’t allow my services at CFD to be cheapened by getting into price wars with less qualified competition.

I hope my line of reasoning makes sense to you, the potential athlete wanting to experience CrossFit the way it was meant to be experienced.  I am confident that the services we offer are held to a high standard.  Please be an informed buyer–your time, health, and safety are important to both of us!

See you at the box!