Group Classes


‘Short Term’ Commitment

3 months | $140/mo
(service discount = $120)

‘Standard’ Commitment

12 months | $130/mo
(service discount = $115)

‘Discount’ Commitment

18 months | $120/mo
(service discount = $110)

Also, apply a 10% discount to any Paid In Full (PIF) membership for additional savings!

Available for: All Members

The group class program design is the bread and butter of CFD and the backbone of our great community we have built here together.  It is a very scalable and robust program that is written for the majority of the population. The goals here are simple: Reinforcing safe and functional motor patterns and improving function as well as body composition. This program is written with a purpose, dynamically evolves with our community, and will be a challenge for you virtually no matter where you lie in the spectrum.

Be advised that prior to an integrating into our group classes, an individual must first complete Foundations, which is the first part of a new member’s membership called On-Ramp.



*couples, students, nurses, police, fire, teachers, and military (active or reserve) all qualify for the service discount. Rates all reflect an auto-pay membership which are due on the 1st of each month.

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