Mason Tangen

What brought you to CFD?

There was a couple things that brought me to CFD. After working out the “globo gym” way and the way that I was taught growing up I got bored, didn’t see numbers get any bigger, and wasn’t losing any weight despite running countless miles and working out 5x a week. My friend Aaron who now owns CrossFit Ames The Factory started my other friend and I on a new routine that involved some CrossFit. The only thing I new about CrossFit was that I saw it on ESPN. I did some workouts and I was skeptical. My friend joined Aaron’s CrossFit Box and shared their workouts with me which I continued to do with my 2-3 mile a day runs. Then I got my job at Clarke and moved to Dubuque and the first thing I promised myself was I didn’t want to be an over-weight throwing coach like I saw when I was coaching in grad school. I googled CrossFit gyms in Dubuque and read what CFD had to offer and what their philosophy was. I loved it, it was what I wanted, I wanted a tough nosed gym that would push me. Then I met with Coach Phil for my consultation and I was hooked.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since starting?

My biggest change that I’ve seen in myself isn’t anything that can be measured. I’ve gained self-confidence. I hated seeing myself in the mirror and hated the summer when people would go tubing and I never wanted to take my shirt off. Now I am more comfortable than ever to “pop-top” during a workout.

What are your goals going forward and what do you think will help you achieve them?

My goals going forward is to continue to to lose weight while improving on every part of my CrossFit movements. I know to achieve these goals I need to continue to be dedicated to coming in and giving all my effort into every workout even the toughest. I also need to stick to eating clean and listening to my body.

Favorite/least favorite WOD?

Favorite Wod is one Coach Mike made for me that was a row and wall ball ascending/descending ladder where I got new records on both my 2k row and my Karen (150 wall ball) time.

Least favorite Wod is by far Murph. I love all the things that Murph stands for and I’m more than happy to do it in honor of a fallen soldier and any soldier but running 2 miles with everything else in between really kicks my a$$.

What advice do you have for someone who is just starting out at CFD?

My advice to someone just starting out is you’ve already made yourself better by starting CFD. WODs are going to be hard, it’s just how CrossFit is but the benefits of doing it out-weigh everything else. Also, the best thing you can do is to come to workouts whether you are 3x a week or unlimited in your membership, make sure you come to the workouts on a routine and don’t try to avoid workouts that look hard. Workouts that look hard are probably the most important workouts you can do because it will push you to do something that you mentally don’t think you can do and then after your done doing the workout you feel accomplished. Lastly, if your struggling with a movement and it’s programmed for the workout don’t be afraid to tell the coach, CFD is full of knowledgeable coaches that will help you improve your movement and make it better. Also, watch out for box jumps, if you use too much arm swing you might end up in a sweet green cast.

I also want to thank all of the coaches at CFD for getting me to where I am now. Especially to Coach Mike for programming my workouts for a year now.

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