The 2017 CrossFit Open is almost here!


It’s almost that time of the year again for the CrossFit Open!  Whether you’re registering as a scaled or Rx competitor or not, we will be doing the testers (or scaled versions of them, of course) on Fridays for the 5-week open period.  The Open is a great time to test your fitness but MOST importantly to build the community and have fun!

On that topic, we will be hosting Friday Night Lights for the 5 Fridays of the Open (Feb 24th, March 3, 10, 17, and 24th) in place of the regular 5:30pm class.  So with that said, you have a few options:

Whether you’re registered for the CF Open this year or not, we will run heats of competitors until completion every Friday night.  We will announce the rules and standards at 5:30, give people time to warm up, and start running heats at 6pm.

If you’d prefer to not take away from the class experience, get your workout in that day prior to the 5:30pm class.  I would still encourage you to come back out to CFD for Friday Night Lights to cheer on anyone else doing it and enjoy the community–we will have a sort of BYOB and snacks for the first 4 Fridays with the final Friday Night Lights (the 24th) the biggest bash of them all, so don’t miss out!

I hope to see you all there–let’s make this a fun 5 weeks of working out with your friends!