The A component today will vary depending on individual skill level, but B–D will all be very similar for everyone.


Beginner (still developing absolute strength in UB pulling)


A1.  4-6 partner-assisted pullup or lat pull down @ 51A1 tempo

*rest 30-60 sec

A2.  Pendlay row x 10 reps

*rest 60 sec, x2


Intermediate (pre-req:  minimum of 5 strict pull-ups and gymnastics kip)


A.  8-10 min:  MU tech work




A.  MU EMOM x 5 min

-hit a tough set every minute, stay efficient and tight


B.  Build to a heavy PC in 8 min


C.  every 30 sec x 5 min:

-5 TnG PC @ 70-75% of B


D.  75 sec max distance row or AB

*rest 3-5 min, x2 sets