Barbells 4 Boobs


Check out our Barbells 4 Boobs 2016 Facebook page for more information about our fundraiser that is happening THIS Friday, October 14th @ 5:30pm!

Also, the heats are up, so head over to the RSVP page and register for your heat! We will run them every 15 minutes starting at 6pm with a 10 person/heat cap. If all 5 posted heats are filled, I’ll add more!

Workout: Grace
-30 Clean and Jerks for time

Trainer bra: PVC pipe
A-Cup 75/55
B-Cup 95/65
C-Cup 115/75
D-Cup: 135/95

*Note: there are a limited number of bella bars, so don’t get those panties in a wad if 10 girls sign up for the same heat and you don’t get your favorite bar! Whiners get to do Grace with the axle bar