Cherry Picking


We’ve had a few comments and concerns regarding why we haven’t, as yet, posted our workouts for everyone to see. Our reasoning can be summed up in two words: Cherry Picking.

Cherry picking is the conscious act of NOT doing a workout because you don’t want to, don’t like those movements, are scared of it, etc… None of these are a good idea. We program to make you better across a broad range of movements and skills. It is our job to make sure that weak points are not over looked. We can’t succeed at this task if you don’t give us the opportunity to train you by not showing up.

Ultimately, the workouts/movements that you fear/don’t like tend to be the ones that need the most work! CrossFit is about overall fitness and skill. Increased work capacity over broad modal and time domains is difficult to achieve when picking your favorite movements.

We ask this of you: promise us that you will come out regardless of what you see on the WOD. If one scares you or makes your stomach turn over, THAT’S the one you NEED to be doing. Trust that we have your best interest at heart and will always strive to make you better, more rounded athletes!

With that, here is the WOD for Tuesday, January 24, 2012:


A) hip extension drilling on pulls

B) Power clean dill with weight

C) 10 min AMRAP of:

5 wall ball 2 fers

10 med ball hang squat cleans

15 GHD hip extensions