Eating Over the Holidays


Happy holidays everyone! Personally, it’s my favorite time of the year – I love an excuse to eat lots of food and be around family and friends. I’m sure I’m not alone in that, so I wanted to write a quick blog to not only wish you and yours the best, but to also give some insight on how to navigate through the holiday season that is riddled with a plethora of junk food and ways to de-rail your progress in the gym!

I’ve read a handful of great blogs with advice on how to get through the holidays from colleagues of mine whom I respect a ton in the industry, and the message that I agree with across the board is basically this: Enjoy your damn holiday! We’re all human and we all deserve to take a break and indulge occasionally. The key word here is ‘OCCASIONALLY.’ The periodic couple of drinks or comfort food/dessert isn’t what keeps us from making progress, it’s making it a habit.

Have your indulgence, and then let it go.

It’s not that single holiday meal that kills you, it’s grazing all day, which turns into a couple days, which turns into a week of leftovers, which leads to an attitude of ‘f*ck it, what’s another day?’

It might be the fact that, leading up to the holiday season, the other 11 months haven’t exactly been disciplined…?? Hey, if the shoe fits!

I’ll say it again for emphasis – enjoy your indulgence, but then MOVE ON.

The real problem that stands in the way of progress is the fact that, for many, the other 364 days a year aren’t very dialed in. The real culprit is practicing a plan (or lack thereof) that sucks. Nobody is going to be made (or broken) by dialing in your food for a single meal or a single day – it’s a long, slow, consistent, diligent, and disciplined approach that is the key.

It’s having a plan ALL. YEAR. LONG.

It’s about sustainability and compliance.

Then, you can certainly afford your occasional indulgences, and you don’t have to ‘indulge’ with an organic, gluten-free, ancient grain protein cookie that tastes like what a cardboard box’s ass would taste like if cardboard boxes took shits. You can have the real deal and then MOVE ON without feeling guilty about it!

This holiday season, enjoy your company, be grateful for what you have, reflect on the year, deliberate on what you want to make 2019 to look like, and enjoy the moments. Life is short and our time together is limited. Love one another. Have your comfort food, eat that piece of dessert, and then move onward.

From all of us at CFD, we wish you the very best as we wrap up 2018 and look forward to 2019 with you all! I hope to see you at our 7-year party!

Stay the Course

-Coach Phil

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