Help for Ashley


CFD athletes, friends and family:


A friend in our community could use our support.


A good handful of CFD athletes work at HealthCheck 360, a wellness vendor here in Dubuque.  A co-worker and friend of many of those employees, Ashley Stephens, just recently went through a very terrible tragedy.  On Thursday, December 4th, her husband Garrett passed away unexpectedly in his sleep at the young age of 32.


I will be starting a collection at CFD where we can offer any monetary donation you can spare to help Ashley out with bills and cost of living.  Every little bit would help her through this time, and, especially in light of this holiday season, I hope you can all find it in your hearts to help out even a little.


I have included a link to Garrett’s obituary here.


Thank you all in advance for your generosity—it’s times like this where we all need to be able to come together and offer our support as a community.