Here to Stay


As many of you are likely aware, divisive and unacceptable comments were made earlier this year (as well as additional information that had surfaced since the issue came to light) by founder and then-CEO of CrossFit, Greg Glassman. We made our stance on this issue abundantly clear both internally as well as publicly: without meaningful progress and a change in ownership/leadership, we did not wish to continue being a part of the CrossFit brand as a whole. It was a declaration that was difficult to make, though it was the only logical and ethical decision that could be made under the conditions as they stood at the time. We (Mike and I) have been followers of CrossFit for over a decade and are proud to have created Dubuque’s first affiliate 9 years ago this fall. The sport and methodology will always hold a special place with each of us. Further, CFHQ has a long history of fighting to keep health and fitness legal and accessible, and they have had significant success in exposing scientific misconduct and fraud. CrossFit has been a much-needed voice that speaks out against monopolization and corruption in the industry, which we have always been fully supportive of. 

Over these last weeks and months, we have watched, waited, and listened. Fortunately, the changes we needed to see have taken place. Eric Roza has acquired CrossFit, Inc. and comes into the industry as a successful business owner who is known for creating an inclusive, diverse place to work. Since the acquisition, CrossFit HQ has made clear, concerted efforts to implement change for the betterment of the global community. To name a few, the CrossFit Scholarship Program is offering free CF-L1 courses to underprivileged communities, and the CrossFit Representative Program is embedding regional reps to establish a more organized line of communication between affiliates and HQ. We view these combined changes and efforts as having met our needs relative to where we stood just a couple of months ago. Time will tell how effective these programs will be and what additional initiatives are on the horizon, but progress begins with a single step, and these are certainly steps in the right direction.

If CrossFit, who has arguably revolutionized the way the general public perceives health and fitness, is going to make efforts to solve larger issues surrounding inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement, we want to continue to be a part of that organization. We are Here to Stay.

That said, we all need to take personal responsibility on both fronts: both in regard to our health, fitness, resilience, and well-being; as well as in our efforts to be inclusive. We are not oblivious to the fact that costs are a barrier to entry in and of itself, and I don’t currently have the solution for a problem that is – frankly – much bigger than we are here at CFD. We can’t point our fingers to the top level of management and expect them to solve problems here in our community any more than we can expect them to prepare sensible meals and stay active for us. 

On that note, given that we have a voice, what do you have to say? I’d love to see some solutions-oriented conversations taking place at all levels. We want to be a part of progress, and we hope you all do as well.

(Here to) Stay the Course